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About Us


We have been in the business of bicycles for over 20 years. We have developed a passion for quality, which we bring to our store, to share with YOU! 


The boss has been working on wheels long enough to acquire a serious skill for truing and building wheels of all kinds. His DT Swiss truing stand is a fine tool of the trade. 

Road bikes from Colnago, Somec, BMC, KHS

Quality Product

We don't just run a business, we ride bikes! We only carry quality product that we believe in, from good partner companies.


Repairs & Maintenance

We service just about anything, and offer 3 levels of maintenance. Minor tune ups, Major tune ups, and Complete Overhauls.


We have both been trained and certified to offer formal fittings. Not just "yeah this is your size", but a couple of hours measuring and fine tuning your bike and the parts on it to fit YOU. Which will improve your efficiency.

Wheel building

Raymond the master wheel builder will true your wheels, replace spokes, build up a new set, whatever you need, with his precision tools and years of experience.

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Fittings scheduled outside of business hours. 

In-Season Group Rides vary, watch facebook, or join the email list for times!